Doctor Who vs The Riddler by Dan McDaid

About 2 months ago I commissioned Dan McDaid to draw an interesting piece Doctor Who (Matt Smith) VS Doctor Doom.

This is the next piece i commissioned is with Doctor Who (Sylvester McCoy) vs The Riddler showcasing a Chess Match of Epic Proportions with the life of Robin (Tim Drake) and Ace in the balance! A bloody brilliant piece of Art!

If you would like to see more of Dan McDaid’s art you can check out on various websites:

Personal -
Blog -
Comic Twart -

His also know for his work on Doctor Who Magazine comics and will also be doing a Bizarro Feature in the Superman 80-page Giant 2011 coming out in February.

Truly Amazing!

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    I want this. I didn’t know I wanted it, but now I do and I need to have this crossover happen. Ace and Seven would raise...
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    You know Doctor Seven beat the Riddler eight moves ago…
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